Beach Haus Swimwear

Beach Haus Swimwear is the product of day dreams and the hopeful wishes of Principal Owner and Founder, Priscilla B. Varner.

5 Pillars of Purpose

Priscilla's 5 Pillars of Purpose for Beach Haus Swimwear are:
  • Give love to all folks that click on our link or walk through our doors.
  • Treat everyone with kindness. You never know the struggles of others.
  • Support folks through the process. Be a great cheerleader.
  • Assist through honesty. A sale is short lived, but honesty is impactful.
  • Laugh. Have fun and enjoy the process...the good & the bad.
Through these pillars, we look to build relationships with our customers. We will always provide products that are on-trend. We will always look for brands that stand for something more than themselves. And we will always fight to fill the needs of our customers. If we don't have what you want, let us know. We will search high and low to fill the request.

Thank you!

Beach Haus Swimwear has been given life thanks to the support of her patient and loving family. Without them, ALL OF THEM, this endeavor would never have become a reality.